Here you can buy ready-made dolls or patterns for them: handmade art doll or cloth dolls and toys patterns. Original home items made of natural wood will help decorate your interior

About Cute Creepy

In the modern world, a doll is an intermediary between
the world of adults and children. For an adult, communication with a doll is a small door into his young soul, which wants to be carefree longer.
My name is Iryna Khochyna, I am from Ukraine.
There are many ways to create dolls yourself. Many methods are familiar to me and I want to share with you.
Making a doll or toy with your own hands brings much more pleasant emotions than buying it. How many positive, creative emotions are
manifested when a unique doll appears from pieces of fabric, lace and buttons.
In moments of joy, these dolls will remind you of the joy of creativity; in moments of sadness, they can help fill that part of yourself that seems empty and meaningless.
Get creative, because the joy of creation is difficult to overestimate!
You can order or buy a ready-made doll from the
master, which will find a response in your soul.

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